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Wig-L-Bug Grinding Mill

The Wig-L-Bug is an invaluable accessory for the spectroscopy laboratory. It is ideal for mixing and pulverizing samples for use in a KBr matrix that will be pressed into a pellet and for mulling techniques. Sample preparation is reproducible from sample to sample by replicating the cycle time, which is controlled by a 60 second timer. Most samples can be prepared in 10 seconds. Agate, metal and plastic sample vials are available. 115 volts only.


Part No. Description Price
0013-2485 Wig-L-Bug grinding mill with vial adapter and 60 second timer, 115 v $1049.00
Wig-L-Bug Accessories
0013-2487 Adapter for 1" x 1/2" diameter vials, 1.0ml capacity $97.00
0013-2489 Stainless Steel Vial (1" h. x 1/2" dia.) with stainless steel ball pestle (1/4" dia) $109.00
0013-2495 Agate Vial Assembly comprised of a 2-part white Delrin® outer shell and a 3-part inner liner consisting of an agate vial, agate cap and a 6mm ball pestle. Capacity of inner liner is 1ml. $429.00
0013-5506 Agate Ball Pestle 6mm diameter $108.00

PTFE Vial Assembly with Agate Ball Pestle (6mm dia.)


0013-2488 Polystyrene Vial with polyethylene slip-on cap (1" h. x 1/2" dia.), pk/100 $97.00
0013-2490 Ball Pestle, polycarbonate, 3/8" dia., pk/100 $89.00
0013-2492 Adapter for 2" h. x 1/2” dia. vials (2.5 ml capacity) $109.00
0013-2494 Ball Pestle, polycarbonate, 1/8" dia, pk/100 $97.00
0013-8005 Wig-L-Bug Arm Assembly $97.00
0013-5022 Bearing Strap $151.00