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Random Cuttings & Spectroscopic Powders

KBr powder is graded solely by purity standards that are relevant to infrared spectroscopy. We do not use such terms as 5 9s (99.999%) , 6 9s (99.9999%) as the means used to test material for such certifications, such as emission spectroscopy, do not detect the types of contaminants that produce absorption bands in an infrared spectrophotometer. In the industry, the highest specification for transmission optics is beam splitter grade material which is generally specified by FTIR spectrophotometer OEMs as material having absorption bands due to impurities of less than 1% measured at 4 wave resolution between 4400cm-1 and 450cm-1. The cut off for commercial grade KBr crystal optics at ICL is material having absorption bands due to impurities of less than 2% at 4 cm-1 resolution. Other manufacturers use a looser standard. SpectroGrade KBr powder is all made from crystal boules that are suitable for IR spectroscopy based upon ICL’s testing standards. FTIR Grade SpectroGrade KBr powder is made from KBr crystal boules that are not quite beam splitter grade material and is defined as material that does not have any absorbance peaks in excess of 1.5%. FTIR Premium SpectroGrade is the equivalent of beam splitter grade material, and it is made from a blend of KBr crystal boules in which peaks range from 0.9% to 1.1% . XL Ultrapure SpectroGrade is a blend of material from rare boules that exhibit absorbance bands under 0.8% and the impurity range goes down to 0.2%. Sample purity certificates as pdf files can be printed from this site.

Please be advised that only FTIR Premium and XL Grades are available until further notice.

Spectrograde™ KCl Powder

Spectrograde™ KCl powder makes IR pellets of extremely high quality with low moisture content and low impurity content. Spectrograde™ KCl comes directly from ICL’s own KCl ingot stock. This powder is ideal for producing KCl pellets and a 100gm bottle will yield approximately 250 7mm pellets.

Spectrograde™ CsI Powder

CsI powder is a low refractive index material that is valuable to those spectroscopists with instruments extending into the far infrared. CsI produces continuous spectra up to 50 microns.

Random Cuttings – Chunks of KBr and KCI

Samples being analyzed by diffuse reflectance are often combined with a powder so that a matrix can be formed. KBr and KCl are excellent media for diffuse reflection sampling and for pellets.
KBr and KCl sold as random cuttings can be ground finely immediately prior to being mixed with the sample for either diffuse reflection or transmission pellets. Random cuttings ground into powder a short time before being mixed with a sample will contain less water than pre-made powders. Sampling Tip: Mix the powder with the sample, do not grind it into the sample. Ask for ICL’s instruction pamphlet “Making KBr Pellets”.

Dimensional & Symmetrical Cuttings - KBr, KCI & NaCl

KBr, KCl and NaCl are cubic in structure (100 cleavage plane), and can be cleaved into relatively precise shapes. Cleaved pieces do not absorb atmospheric moisture. They are useful as teaching aids and as blanks for precision polished optics. Ask us for prices on any sizes or shape.

Paper Inserts

Paper inserts are used with 13mm die sets to frame a pellet for ease of handling, to make micro pellets or to enable making a pellet from a smaller sample charge. Use of paper inserts also facilitates removal of the pellet and mounting it in a magnetic holder.

Part No. Description Price
0011-184 SpectroGrade™ KBr Powder 100gms
(currently unavailable)
0011-5574 SpectroGrade™ KBr Powder 25gms
(currently unavailable)
0011-4998 FTIR SpectroGrade™ KBr Powder 25gms
(currently unavailable)
0011-5078 XL Ultra Pure SpectroGrade™ KBr Powder 99.999% pure 25gms $123.00
0011-4540 FTIR Spectrograde™ KBr Powder 100gms
(currently unavailable)
0011-4541 XL Ultra Pure Spectrograde™ KBr Powder 100gms $150.00
0011-8966 Premium Grade FTIR Spectrograde™ KBr Powder 100gms $99.00
0011-8967 Premium Grade FTIR Spectrograde™ KBr Powder 25gms $79.00
0011-9329  Premium Grade FTIR Spectrograde™ KBr Powder,
0.5 Gram Packets, 25 packs
0011-9330  Premium Grade FTIR Spectrograde™ KBr Powder,
0.5 Gram Packets, 50 packs
0011-9331  Premium Grade FTIR Spectrograde™ KBr Powder, 0.5 Gram Packets, 100 packs $159.99
0011-9334  Premium Grade FTIR Spectrograde™ KBr Powder, 0.5 Gram Packets, 200 packs $259.99
0011-4129 Spectrograde™ KCl Powder 100gms $69.00
0011-1391 Spectrograde™ Csl Powder 50gms RFQ
0011-4875 Spectrograde™ NaCI Powder 75gms $60.00
0011-7694 SpecuGrind™ KBr Powder with special particle size for specular reflectance 100gms $129.00
0002-2498 KBr Random Cuttings — one pound $369.00
0002-2499 KCI Random Cuttings — one pound


0002-4534 Cleartran (ZnS) Random Cuttings — one half pound $599.00
0002-4503 CaF2 Random Cuttings — one half pound $549.00
0002-4523 CaF2 Random Cuttings — one pound $999.00
0002-4539 KBr Random Cuttings — 100 grams $115.00
0002-5582 KBr Random Cuttings — 50 grams $57.00
0002-4538 KCI Random Cuttings — 100 grams $101.00
0002-5583 KCl Random Cuttings — 25 grams $42.00
0002-4980 KCl Random Cuttings — 50 grams $51.00
0002-4789 NaCI Random Cuttings — 100 grams $69.00
0012-2479 Paper inserts with 1.5mm diameter aperture, pk/200 $159.00
0012-2480 Paper inserts with 3.0mm diameter aperture, pk/200 $159.00
0012-2481 Paper inserts with 5.0mm diameter aperture, pk /200 $109.00
0012-2482 Paper inserts with 11.0mm diameter aperture, pk/200 $109.00
0012-2483 Paper inserts with 1.5mm x 9mm rectangular aperture, pk /200 $119.00