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Magnetic Film Holders, KBr Pellet Holder & Paper Inserts

Magnetic holders are convenient for holding KBr pellets or thin polymer films. They are also useful for mounting a 13mm crystal that has been used as a microscope slide in a standard spectrophotometer sample compartment. Smaller samples may be mounted on a slotted opaque card (masking the spectrophotometer beam) and then inserted into the Magnetic Film Holder. The film sample, pellet or optic is held in place by a magnetized rubber plate. These holders fit in the universal 2” x 3” slide mount in all spectrophotometers. Use of paper inserts facilitates mounting small samples and pressing KBr pellets.
Paper inserts are used to make KBr pellets by dropping them into the bore of a 13mm die set. The OD of the insert is slightly less than 13mm. Several hole sizes are available to enable formation of pellets from limited sample quantities. These inserts frame the pellet for ease of handling and also provide a visual reference for the proper amount of KBr powder which improves pellet quality and consistency.

Part No. Description Price
0009-496 Magnetic Film Holder — Rectangular for Dispersive Instruments $87.00
0009-610 Magnetic Film Holder — Circular for FTIR Instruments $89.00
0009-4450 13mm Magnetic Film and KBr Pellet Holder $94.00
0009-5314 Magnet only for any Holder $36.00
0012-2479 1.5mm diameter hole (1 pk/200) $159.00
0012-2480 3.0mm diameter hole (1 pk/200) $159.00
0012-2481 5.0mm diameter hole (1 pk/200) $109.00
0012-2482 11.0mm diameter hole (1 pk/200) $109.00
0012-2483 1.5 x 9mm rectangular hole (1 pk/200) $119.00