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Oil Flow Cell Reconditioning

ICL reconditions oil flow cells for the Thermo Nicolet Avatar 360, the Varian FT-IR Oil Analyzer and the Bio-Rad Oil Analyzer.   All reconditioned cells are calibrated and tested under pressure.  If requested by the customer, windows can be wedged to limit fringing.

Contact ICL for pricing guidelines.

Shipping Instructions: Cells sent to ICL for reconditioning should be addressed to: 11 Erie Street, Garfield, NJ 07026, USA   Please include your contact information and a purchase order number.

Foreign Orders: When shipping cells or crystals for repair from points outside of the United States, please write on outside of package: “Goods are of American manufacture being sent for repair and to be returned to sender.” Also, please ship via air mail parcel post to avoid customs broker fees and to speed receipt. Do not declare total value of more than $195.00. We do not pay customs charges for cells sent to us for reconditioning.