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PTFE Vial Assembly for Wig-L-Bugs™

PTFE Vial Assembly for Wig-L-Bugs™

PTFE is ideal for preparing most IR solid samples because it is inert and easy to clean. The PTFE vial for the Wig-L-Bug™ consists of a 2 part black Delrin® outer shell and a 3 part inner liner assembly comprised of a PTFE vial, a PTFE cap and a 6mm agate ball pestle. The ball is made from agate instead of PTFE because agate is harder and therefore produces better crushing and mixing action. The PTFE vial assembly fits snugly into the Delrin® outer shell, and the entire assembly fits both the regular Wig-L-Bug with metal spoon arms and the digital Wig-L-Bug with plastic spoon arms. The need for a supplemental adapter to hold the vial in place that was required for prior versions of this vial has been eliminated---the assembly simply snaps into the space between the spoon arms of either Wig-L-Bug™.

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PTFE Vial Assembly with Agate Ball Pestle (6mm dia.)