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Venus™ Glass Bodied Long Path Gas Cells

Gemini™ Venus™ Glass bodied long path gas cells are classic Hanst cells, first made commercially available by Dr. Phil Hanst, who started producing them after a long career at NASA and the EPA. Hanst cells are in our bloodline at ICL, since we were Phil's first outlet for his product and Phil's son Steve, who worked with Phil designing gas cells for 20 years, is now a major shareholder in ICL as well as its Executive Vice President.

Venus™ cells are small to moderate volume long path gas cells designed for all purpose use in industrial and research applications. The cell design has improved significantly over the years with such advances as multilayer proprietary gold mirror coatings, improved purgeable transfer optics, and instrument specific base plate mountings. All Venus cells are fitted with Swagelok® 1/4" or 1/8" tube fittings to which valves, hose barbs or compression fittings can be attached. SS Swagelok® Valves are standard on the models listed.

Venus™ cell configurations include ICL's popular Ultra Mini Cell which measures 3" x 3" x 8" (3 meters fixed path length, 200cc volume), the Long Path Mini Cell (variable path length to 5 meters, 0.5L volume) and fixed and variable path length cells ranging from 4.8 to 8 meters. Heatable, laser aligned, base plate mounted and other custom configurations of Venus™ cells are available. Instrument specific interfaces are available for base plate mounted cell configurations.

Several common Venus™ cell configurations are shown, but custom configurations are available upon request. Prices do include KBr windows, but optional windows can be selected from our transmission window price list. RFQ for wedged windows to limit fringing a/k/a channeling. Cell mounting and other hardware, exclusive of the cell body material and valves, is black anodized aluminum. Fittings and Valves are SS Swagelok®. All cell bodies are borosilicate glass. Mirrors are GemGold™ multi-layer gold coated, removable and easily serviced.



Mounting Path Length Vol. Temp. Range Temp.
Heater Spectrophotometer-
Specific Interface
Pressure Range Window Size Price
w/o windows
0008-9292 Slide Mounted 3.0 M 200cc ambient N/A N/A N/A Vacuum-ambient 25 x 4 $4199.00
0008-9293 Slide Mounted

1 to 5M

0.5L ambient-100°C Optional
N/A Vacuum-ambient 25 x 4 $6999.00
0008-9294 Slide Mounted 4.8 M 0.5L ambient-100°C Optional
Base Mounted Vacuum-ambient 25 x 4 $5399.00
0008-9295 Slide Mounted 6.4 M 0.75L ambient-100°C Optional
Available Base Mounted Vacuum-ambient 25 x 4 $5999.00
0008-9296 Slide Mounted variable
1.6 to 8M
0.75L ambient-100°C Optional
Available Base Mounted Vacuum-ambient 25 x 4 $7999.00
0008-9278 Heater Jacket                 $1099.00
0017-5548 Temperature Controller, 115v                 $1199.00
0017-4804 Temperature Controller, 230v                 $1399.00
0008-9279 Spectrophotometer Interface                 RFQ
0008-9280 Replacement Valve Kit                 $499.00