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Earth™ and Saturn™ Glass Bodied Long Path Gas Cells

air sample and noise graphs earth saturn gas cellsGemini™ Earth™ glass bodied long path gas cells are, like Venus™ cells, classic Hanst cells, but with larger volumes and longer path lengths. Pathlengths range from 10 to 20 meters and volumes range from 2 to 8 liters.

For applications requiring ultra long path lengths we offer our Saturn™ series multi-pass gas cells that range from 80 to 200 meters. These cells employ an innovative advancement in White cell configuration that effectively triples the operational range of the cell within a moderate size cell volume, thereby providing path lengths in excess of 100 meters that still produce strong signal throughput to enable part per billion (ppb) trace level detection sensitivity in ambient conditions and when sampling gas mixtures.

The spectra show excellent signal to noise performance at 0.5cm-1 resolution in a 160 meter path length cell in a few minutes of elapsed observation time.

All Earth and Saturn cells feature SS Swagelok® valves, multilayer gold coated mirrors, borosilicate glass bodies, transfer optics and base plate configurations to fit most spectrophotometers, and black anodized aluminum hardware. Earth™ cells use 1/4" SS flow tubes and Swagelok® connections and Saturn cells use 3/8" SS flow tubes and Swagelok® connections. All variable path length cells incorporate a laser alignment device with a 6 volt DC power supply for path length verification based on the number of passes made through the cell.

Several typical Earth™ and Saturn™ cell configurations are shown, but custom configurations are available upon request. Prices do include KBr windows, but optional windows can be selected from our transmission window price list. RFQ for wedged windows to limit fringing a/k/a channeling. Cell mounting and other hardware, exclusive of the cell body material and valves, is black anodized aluminum. Fittings and Valves are SS Swagelok®. All cell bodies are borosilicate glass. Mirrors are removable and easily serviced.

Part Number

Cell Path Length Vol. Temp. Range Temp. Controller Heater Laser
Pressure Specific Range Window Size Price w/Kbr windows
0008-9298 Earth 10M 2L ambient       vacuum-ambient 25 x 4 $8499.00
0008-9299 Earth variable
1 to 10M
2L ambient— 100°C Optional 0017-XXXX Optional 0008-7684 Yes vacuum-ambient 25 x 4 $10999.00
0008-9300 Earth 20M 8L ambient       vacuum-ambient 25 x 4 $10999.00
0008-9301 Earth variable
2 to 20M
8L ambient— 100°C Optional 0017-XXXX Optional 0008-7684 Yes vacuum-ambient 25 x 4 $17999.00
0008-9302 Saturn variable
8 to 80M
18L ambient     Yes vacuum-ambient 37.5 x 4 $21999.00
0008-9303 Saturn variable
10 to 100M
25L ambient     Yes vacuum-ambient 37.5 x 4 $23999.00
0008-9304 Saturn variable
20 to 200M
50L ambient     Yes vacuum-ambient 37.5 x 4 $28999.00
0008-7684 Heater Jacket                 $1699.00
0017-5548 Temperature Controller, 115v                 $1199.00
0017-4804 Temperature Controller, 230v                 $1399.00
0008-9279 Spectrophotometer Specific Interface                 RFQ
0008-9280 Valve Kit                 $499.00