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Disposable Low E Sample Cards w/ Inverted 30° Specular Reflection

The 30° specular reflection accessory takes on a new dimension when it is configured in an inverted orientation and used with disposable glass sample cards coated with low emissivity coating (Low E Sample Cards). Low E Sample Cards are inexpensive and disposable. The low E coating is almost totally reflective. Samples can be placed on the disposable Low E Cards which reflect the instrument beam through the sample using the inverted 30° specular reflection accessory. By inverting the sample stage, liquid samples are
prevented from dripping onto the mirrors in the accessory.
This accessory is great for polymer films, glue, epoxy, paint and varnish which might contaminate a liquid cell. The Low E Cards can be mounted in ICL’s Roto-Film™ polymer film maker to form consistent thin films and then mounted in the inverted 30° Specular Reflection Accessory for analysis. For those preferring pure transmission analysis, see Real Crystal® IR Sample Cards and PE and PTFE IR Sample cards.

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Inverted 30° Specular Reflection Accessory



Pack of 25 Low E Cards