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Mini "D" II Diffuse Reflectance Accessory

The ICL Basics™ Mini “D” II will give you the benefit of using the diffuse reflectance technique with a high quality easy to use accessory without spending a fortune on it. You don’t have to spend time setting up the Mini “D” II before taking a sample because it is completely pre-aligned for maximum optical throughput and requires no adjustments by the user. Analysis can be accomplished with either a powder or particulate sample placed in the sample cup or, for non particulate solid samples, with an abrasive sampler pad that scrapes the sample and fits into the sample compartment of the Mini “D”. We paid careful attention to the design of the sample introduction system so that you will avoid sample spills while using it. Specify make and model of spectrophotometer when ordering.

Part No.




Mini “D” II Diffuse Reflectance Accessory kit complete with dual sample cup design permitting subtraction of KBr matrix background followed by sample analysis without the need for changing sample cups, 2 micro sample cups, 2 macro sample cups, complete sample preparation kit, 100g SpectroGradeKBr powder, 35mm Agate mortar and pestle and alignment mirror.



Large Sample cups (2)



Small Sample cups (2)



5 Sample cups



Abrasion sampler kit with sampling disc holder and assorted SiC and diamond abrasion sampler discs



50 abrasion sampler discs (Diamond)



100 abrasion sampler discs (SiC)



Premium Grade FTIR SpectroGradeKBr powder, 100 grams



Agate mortar and pestle — 35mm dia.
(see Section 0009 for larger sizes)