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EZ-Squeeze™ Synthetic Diamond Compression Cell & Microscope Stage

The EZ-Squeeze™ synthetic type II diamond compression cell is a wonderful tool for making transmission samples from materials that can be compressed into a transparent sample with moderate force. It is useful for compressing a broad spectrum of materials such as polymers, powders, abrasive samples and cured paint. The sample is simply compressed between the diamond windows by turning thumb screws on the face of the cell until the sample is thin enough for the beam of the spectrophotometer to penetrate. The cell is available with 1.6mm or 2.0mm windows, both of which are large enough to transmit sufficient energy through the sample to produce good spectral resolution without an expensive beam condenser. The cell is only 9.5mm thick at the thickest point and 6mm in the center, making it an ideal microscope stage. Sample preparation for the EZ-Squeeze™ may be aided by using our diamond tipped Micro-Plane™ (0012-6546) which operates like a wood plane to shave very thin samples off of substrates such as plastic bottles and painted objects.

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EZ-Squeeze™ Synthetic Diamond Cell & Microscope Stage with 1.6mm diameter windows



EZ-Squeeze™ Synthetic Diamond Cell & Microscope Stage with 2.0mm diameter windows



Micro-Plane™ with metal blade



Micro-Plane™ with diamond blade