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Magnetic Film & KBr Pellet Holders

Magnetic holders are convenient for holding KBr pellets or thin polymer films. They are also useful for mounting a 13mm crystal that has been used as a microscope slide in a standard spectrophotometer sample compartment. The film sample, pellet or optic is held in place by a magnetized rubber plate. These holders fit the universal 2" x 3" slide mount in all spectrophotometers. Use of paper inserts facilitates mounting small samples.

Part No. Description Price
0009-4450 13mm Magnetic holder for KBr pellets and 13mm microscope slide optics $94.00
0009-610 Magnetic Film Holder with circular 3/4" (19mm) diameter aperture for FTIR instruments $89.00
0009-496 Magnetic Film Holder with rectangular 3/8" W x 7/8" H (9.9mm x 22.1mm) aperture for dispersive instruments $87.00
0009-5314 Magnet only, any holder (specify holder) $36.00