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Paper Inserts

Paper inserts are used with 13mm die sets to frame a pellet for ease of handling, to make micro pellets or to enable making a pellet from a smaller sample charge. Use of paper inserts also facilitates removal of the pellet and mounting it in a magnetic holder. The paper inserts fit into the bore of the die set and create a small frame into which the pellet is compressed. The inserts are made from heavy manila stock similar to the type used to make office file jackets.

Part No. Description Price
0012-2479 Paper inserts with 1.5mm diameter aperture, pk/200 $159.00
0012-2480 Paper inserts with 3.0mm diameter aperture, pk/200 $159.00
0012-2481 Paper inserts with 5.0mm diameter aperture, pk /200 $109.00
0012-2482 Paper inserts with 11.0mm diameter aperture, pk/200 $109.00
0012-2483 Paper inserts with 1.5mm x 9mm rectangular aperture, pk /200 $119.00