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Cuvette Stirrers & Funnels

ICL offers 3 versions of cuvette stirrers. The disposable polystyrene stirring spatulas (0009-7650) are 3mm diameter x 120mm long and are shipped in packs of 100. Acrylic plunger type cell stirrers feature 9.2mm x 9.2mm square plunger ends for standard 10mm pathlength cuvettes (0023-4062) and 9.2mm x 3.5mm rectangular plunger ends for Semi-Micro cuvettes (0023-4063) and are shipped in packs of 3. The cuvette funnel (0009-4064) is polypropylene and fits a 10mm standard cuvette.

Part No. Description Price
0009-7650 Polystyrene stirring spatulas, pack of 100 $13.00
0023-4062 Plunger type acrylic cuvette mixer for standard 10mm cell, pack of 3 $32.00
0023-4063 Same as 0023-4062 for Semi-Micro cuvettes $32.00
0009-4064 Polypropylene cuvette funnel $10.00