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Desiccator Jar & Desiccator Cabinet

Desiccator jars are a must in all infrared laboratories. These jars are used for desiccating small samples, optics, cells and other applications. Complete with Bell jar, sealing ring, and polycarbonate cover. Can be evacuated or used with a rechargeable desiccant pack. Desiccant packs can be regenerated by heating them in an oven. A Polypropylene Base Plate is used to create a separate sample compartment in the jar for a desiccant pack which separates the desiccant (in the bottom) from the optics or other item above that is being kept dry.

The acrylic desiccator cabinet provides dry, dust-free see-thru storage of optics, cells and KBr powder. It has air tight doors, two (2) sliding perforated shelves, clear walls and a lower compartment for desiccant. Can be used at room temperature or at temperatures to 120°F.

Part No.




Desiccator Jar, 234mm OD, 198mm ID



Base Plate for 234mm Desiccator Jar



Desiccant pack, rechargeable, 150mm



16” L x 9”W x 10 1/2” H Acrylic Desiccator Cabinet