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G-3PTFE 10cm PTFE Gas Cell

All components of the G-3PTFE 10cm gas cell that contact the sample can be made entirely of PTFE, making the cell useful for any gas sample that might attack, or be contaminated by, glass or stainless steel gas cell components. The G-3PTFE is useful for analysis of pure gases and mixtures in which the constituent gases are present in concentrations of 5% or more. The G-3PTFE has a clear aperture of 39mm and uses 47 x 6mm windows. Swagelok® SS valves are standard, but PFA valves are optional. A heated version is available. Requires a cell mount (Part No. 0008-5162) or optional base plate mount (Fig. 1) (Part No. 0008-9404).

Part No.




Model G-3 10cm PTFE gas cell, with NaCl windows, SS Swagelok® valve



Model G-3 10cm PTFE gas cell, with KCl windows, SS Swagelok® valve



Model G-3 10cm PTFE gas cell, with KBr windows, SS Swagelok® valve



Cylindrical Cell Holder for 10cm PTFE gas cell



Base Plate Mounting Option. Specify Spectrophotometer



Heater jacket for 10cm PTFE gas cell, 115v, 250w, heatable to 200° C with type J Iron Constantan or 304SS sheathed type K thermocouple and compression fitting for mounting thermocouple in cell, with plugs compatible with 0017-5548 temperature controller.



Same as 0008-7329, but 220v.



High Stability Temperature Controller for 0008-7326, 115v, RS-232 interface and Windows® based software for PC, digital readout, keypad or PC programmable ramp and soak.



Same as 0017-5548 but 230v, CE marked.



PFA valves instead of SS valves, add