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Model G-2SS 10cm Stainless Steel Gas Cell

The G-2SS stainless steel gas cell is useful for qualitative analysis of pure gases and mixtures where one or more of the constituent gases are present in concentrations of at least 5 percent. It can be used in situations that make use of a glass cell impractical, such as applications involving high pressure or gases that etch a glass cell body. The only functional constraint on the pressure that can be applied to this cell is the window material selected. The clear aperture of the cell is 39mm and it uses 47mm x 6mm windows. Like the G-2, this cell uses a universal 2” x 3” slide mount that fits all spectrophotometers. However, it is also available base plate mounted (See Fig. 1). There are inlet and outlet ports equipped with vacuum valves and hose barbs that are configured to also allow flowing gas through the cell. An 1/4 NPT port in the side of the cell allows the addition of a pressure gauge, a thermocouple and other probes. The cell uses nitrile “O” rings and PTFE gaskets. KBr and NaCl are the basic window material, but other materials are available upon request. Can be heated.

Part No.




G-2SS, NaCl windows



G-2SS, KBr windows



Cylindrical Cell Holder



Base Plate Mounting Option. Specify Spectrophotometer



Optional Pressure Gauge



PTFE Gaskets (1pk/4)



Nitrile “O” Rings (1pk/4)



PTFE “O” Rings (1pk/4)



Replacement 47 x 6mm windows, all materials



Heater Jacket and accessories