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Demountable Beta Gas Cell 5cm or 10cm

The demountable Beta Gas Cell comes complete with a 10cm or 5cm Pyrex Cell body, cell mount, 2 Viton® O-rings or gaskets, 2 PTFE gaskets, and 2 septa, but without windows. (Windows and gaskets can be ordered separately). The window size is 25mm x 4mm. When assembled, the cell will be gas tight and operable at both reduced or positive pressures. Filling of the cell is conveniently handled with a gas tight syringe (ICL Part no. 0009-609). The exploded view shows the assembly and disassembly sequence of the cell.

Part No. Description Price
0008-504 Demountable Beta 10cm Gas Cell
0008-505 Demountable Beta 5cm Gas Cell
0008-616 Septa Replacement Caps (1 pk/6) $24.00
0001-3729 Viton Gaskets (1 pk/4) $33.00
0001-1469 PTFE gaskets (1 pk/4) $31.00
0002-xxxx Replacement 25mm x 4mm Windows Click Here
0008-4469 Split Retainer Rings (2 pk) $47.00
0008-4452 Beta Gas Cell Holder only $47.00
0009-609 Gas Tight Syringe $17.00