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Micro Quik Cell

The Micro Quik Cell consists of a threaded, two (2) piece body and two 13mm x 1mm silver chloride (AgCl) circular windows of a special design. The windows fit into one portion of the cell and the second portion of the cell is then engaged to form a seal. The cell pathlength can be varied from 0.025mm to 0.05mm by positioning the windows as shown in the diagram. The AgCl windows measure 13mm diameter x 1mm and each contains a 0.025mm circular depression. The rim of the window is flat and the circumference is beveled to ensure proper sealing. AgCl flows slightly under pressure, permitting a tight seal to be formed. Cell comes complete with slide holder, cell body and six AgCl windows with 0.025mm depression.

Part No. Replacement Cell Parts Price

Micro Quik Cell Kit, Cell, 6 Windows, Slide Holder



Micro Quik Cell Windows (1 pk/6-.025mm)


0006-2092 Micro Quik Cell Slide Holder $57.00
0006-2093 Micro Quik Cell Only $67.00
0006-2094 Micro Quik Cell O-Rings (1 pk/6) $39.00