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Precision Demountable Cell

precision demountable cell

The Precision Demountable Cell is ideal for mulls, capillary films, cast films and thin films of finely powdered solids in slurry form. The cell can also be used for liquid analysis with its luer syringe fittings. The cell is constructed of stainless steel and is designed for easy assembly and disassembly for cleaning and changing the pathlength. It can be completely disassembled for cleaning simply by unscrewing the convenient thumb screws on the front plate of the cell. The pathlength can be changed simply by using a spacer with a different thickness between the windows or by using sandwich cells. These cells can be used with sandwich cells for a precision sealed pathlength. The window size is 38.5mm x 19.5mm x 4mm. The inside surfaces of the cell are lapped optically flat to ensure leak free seals. The clear aperture for the dispersive cell (rectangular) is 22mm x 10mm and the clear aperture for the FTIR cell (circular) is 16mm. An adapter ring (0006-4152) may also be purchased to convert the cell to accept 25mm x 4mm windows. A Delrin Optical Alignment Cavity (0006-9530) is available to aid in properly positioning and aligning rectangular windows, gaskets and spacers.

The Precision Demountable Cell comes complete with a stainless steel holder, assorted spacers, gaskets and instructions, but without windows.

Part No.




Dispersive (rectangular aperture) Precision Demountable Cell, without windows



FTIR (circular aperture) Precision Demountable Cell, without windows



Adapter Ring to convert 0006-497 & 0006-604 for use with 25mm windows



Delrin Optical Alignment Cavity



Thumbscrews (1pk/4) for Precision Demountable Cell



Thumbscrews (1pk/4) for 2mm thick windows



Sandwich cells, all pathlengths

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