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ICL Infrared Variable Pathlength Spectrophotometer Cell

The Variable Pathlength Liquid Spectrophotometer Cell can eliminate the need for a large collection of different fixed pathlength cells at an economical price.
The Variable Pathlength Liquid Spectrophotometer Cell consists of a cylindrical stainless steel chamber containing parallel windows. The pathlength may be continuously adjusted from 0.05mm to 5mm and reproduced within 0.001mm (1 micrometer). A vernier scale provided on the cylinder permits the cell pathlength to be read within 0.0005mm (0.5 micrometer).
In order for weaker absorption bands of many liquids to appear with the proper intensity, the stronger bands will be totally absorbed and their exact location thus obscured. In these situations, the Variable Pathlength Cell may be precisely adjusted to provide just the right intensity for exact location of both weak and strong bands.
The Variable Pathlength Liquid Spectrophotometer Cell is useful in both solvent compensation and differential analysis. When filled with solvent and mounted in the reference beam of a dispersive spectrophotometer, its pathlength may be adjusted to compensate for unwanted solvent absorption in the sample beam.
In differential analysis, two liquids are examined that may differ only slightly in the concentration of a minor component. Careful adjustment of the variable cell pathlengths will tend to enhance the spectrum of the minor component contained in a fixed path cell in the sample beam.

Part No. Variable Pathlength Spectrophotometer Cell Price
0005A-2063 NaCl
0005B-2064 KCl $1879.00
0005C-2065 KBr $1933.00
0005D-2066 CaF2 $2392.00
0005E-2067 BaF2 $2925.00
0005G-2068 KRS-5 RFQ
0005I-2069 ZnS RFQ
0005J-5261 ZnSe $3499.00
Replacement Parts
0005-4151 Spare Key $49.00
0001-1466 PTFE Gaskets (32mm) $31.00
0001-1465 Neoprene Gaskets (32mm) $26.00
0001-4518 Large Plug & Small (1 each) $59.00
Replacement Windows
0005A-351 32mm x 4mm NaCl $33.00
0005A-2042 32mm x 7mm (step) NaCl $182.00
0005B-533 32mm x 4mm KCl $83.00
0005B-2043 32mm x 7mm (step) KCl $193.00
0005C-313 32mm x 4mm KBr $123.00
0005C-2044 32mm x 7mm (step) KBr $204.00
0005D-2049 32mm x 4mm CaF2 $239.00
0005D-2045 32mm x 7mm (step) CaF2 $417.00
0005E-2051 32mm x 4mm BaF2 $376.00
0005E-2047 32mm x 7mm (step) BaF2 $617.00
0005G-2050 32mm x 4mm KRS-5 RFQ
0005G-2046 32mm x 7mm (step) KRS-5 RFQ
0005I-2052 32mm x 4mm ZnS RFQ
0005I-2048 32mm x 7mm (step) ZnS RFQ
0005J-5296 32mm x 4mm ZnSe $489.00
0005J-5297 32mm x 7mm (step) ZnSe $999.00