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Sealed Liquid Spectrophotometer Cells - SL-4P Purgeable Heavy Duty

Our SL-4 cell is now available in both demountable and sealed spectrophotometer cell configurations that are purgeable while the cell is in the instrument, by using a Constant Purge™ bellows attachment. Unlike conventional sealed spectrophotometer cells which have luer fittings on the front plate, the purgeable SL-4P has luer lock filling ports that are mounted on the top and side edge of the 1/4 inch thick front plate of the cell. This construction allows the optical path of the spectrophotometer to be purged with nitrogen while it is in the sample compartment of the instrument, as the placement of the luer fittings facilitates the clean interface of a telescopic purge chamber to the front plate.

Part numbers which end with the letter "W" are nominal part numbers only and are used online simply to identify the cell type and window material. Part numbers which end in "W" do not denote a specific path length. We will assign the correct part number when you place your order. If you want confirmation of the correct part number please request it when you call in your order or request an on-line e-mail confirmation of the correct number.

Part #
NaCl $659.00
KCl $669.00
KBr $699.00
CaF2 $1279.00
BaF2 $1629.00
ZnSe $1299.00


Part No. Description Price

SL-4P purgeable demountable liquid spectrophotometer cell, with assorted spacers and gaskets, but without windows



SL-4P purgeable sealed liquid spectrophotometer cell. See chart for window materials and prices

See Chart

0007-7645 Flow cell kit with 1/16” OD PTFE Tubing (10 ft), Delrin® 1/4-28 compression nuts (pk/10), Tefzel® ferrules (pk/10) & 2 Luer fittings $163.00

Same as 0009-7645 but with1/8”OD tubing


0007-7260 SL-4HPF high pressure flow cell, ZnSe windows, seals rated for higher pressures typical of flow applications. $1339.00
0005-7404 Constant Purge™ bellows for continuous purge of instrument compartment while the SL-4P is in the beam of the instrument RFP