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E-Z™ Quick Table Top KBr Pellet Press

The E-Z™ Quick Table Top Press operates on the same toggle action principle as our Quick Press. By mounting the press vertically and providing a table top mounting platform, we have made it easier to compress a KBr pellet and easier to open the press and remove the pellet. Vertical mounting enables the use of body weight and shoulder muscles, so the E-Z™ Quick requires minimal strength to operate. When the base is attached to a bench it is easier to open then a hand press, and pushing a small lever ejects the die set. There is a dial indicator to enable reproduction of force settings from pellet to pellet. The press is constructed from Stainless Steel, chrome plated steel and anodized aluminum for long corrosion-free service. The E-Z™ Quick Press uses the same 7mm, 4mm and 2mm die sets that are used in ICL's Quick Press and Port-A-Press™.

Part No.




E-Z™ Quick Table Top Press w/o die set



7mm die set .



E-Z™ Quick Table Top Press w/7mm die set



E-Z™ Quick Table Top Press w/2mm, 4mm and 7mm die set


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