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Chemicals, Solvents & Random Cuttings Crystal Optics IR Sample Cards & Sampling Kits Sealed Liquid Cells Solid Sampling & KBr Presses Gas Cells UV/VIS/NIR Cells & Cuvettes, Cuvette Holders & Cuvette Accessories Internal Reflection Optics Accessories
IR 2016 Infrared and Raman Courses Bowdoin College  
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Optics & Spectroscopy Supplies & Accessories

  Spectroscopy Optics Fluorescence Cells AA Spectroscopy Supplies
  Spectroscopy Supplies Heated, Flow & Pressure Cells AA Graphite Furnaces
  FTIR Spectroscopy Accessories KBr Pellet Presses CO2 Laser Lenses
  IR Sample Cards KBr Powder YAG Laser Windows
  Transmission Cells Laboratory Presses & Dies CO2 Laser Windows
  Liquid Cells UV-VIS-NIR Cuvettes Laser Optics
  Gas Cells Laboratory Grinding Mills CO2 Laser Lens Savers®
  UV-VIS-NIR Cells XRF Dies & Presses